Many thanks to everyone who helped me launch my first book in the Noteworthy Family series!
My Parents, Annette B., Jenny F., Kris V., Carmen M., Ryan S., Scott and Chrysti B., John & Claudine C., Brooklyn R. & the girls, Ken & Lori S., Bobby & Carrie M., Jennie B., Brandon W., Jesse R., Christine M., Noel P., Sue C., Johana A., Tara S., Stan W, Molly C., Erin K., Beth G., Rachel W., Rhonda M., Kendra B., Buffy H., Japheth M., Gina P., Christina P., Shannon M., Ed & Rhena G., Belén V., Vince & Clio T., John B., Edson C., Marissa F., Lauren C., Derek S., Aimee H., Wesley D., Dana G., Kimberly B., James E., Clint J., Cathy F., Stephanie R., Sarah R., Christa W., Leonie F., Shelby C., Sharon N., Joe S., Ngoh Moon Tee & Yee Tham Wan, Tim D., Melanie Y., Cecilia S., Rupe, Grace A., Lori R., Stephanie G., Laurie C., Mikala H., Cassi K., Noel P., Kyle R., Elisa L., Kristi G., Hydee B., Lora T., Michael R., Holly R. and anonymous donors!     

Photos by Annette Biggers 

Promo Videography by Brooklyn Root & Claudine Castillo  


In this book Melissa touches the very soul of children with her playful story that will delight any age, young and old. She created a very sweet and thought provoking story that will inspire all its readers!

Ms. Nancy Cope, First Grade Teacher

There are not enough children’s books that represent components of emotional and mental health. The author does a lovely job incorporating magical elements of rhyming and gorgeous illustrations as well as naming the experience of a child whose father struggles with sad days. It’s a story of resilience and hope. Sometimes Blue Daddi-o is a perfect addition to any therapy library or children’s library. It’s a great starting point to start talking with children about emotions and the healthy range of emotions. I plan to use this book with many of the children and families I work with.

Tatiana Coundoul, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Melissa is a heartfelt artist, and this hand drawn book is a treasure to be passed down for generations. She has done something remarkable in capturing the gentle magic of tender pangs of childhood in a beautifully simple way.

Amy Leigh Wicks, PhD in Creative Writing from Victoria University of Wellington